We all have heard of the laws of physics. But there are laws even more universal, even more ‘Set in stone’. Here come the 5 laws of existence.

1. You Exist

The fundamental transpersonal self does always exist and is not dependent on objects. Objects being not only objects “out there” in the physical world, but also “inside” like thoughts and emotions. You want to get an understanding of I am ness stripped of the object. Objects are always changing. Realize that you are unchanging. I am ness always existed.

2. Everything is here and now

Have you ever experienced any other time than now? Many have heard the phrase that time is an illusion and it has been mimicked plenty of times without really understanding what is meant by that saying. What time really is, deserves a whole post on its own, however, it is important to understand that who we really are, is not a ‘being’ locked in this current Time frame. We are watching the movie, we aren’t the actor in the movie (even though we often like to think otherwise). The complete movie already exists but it is linearly displayed to us.

3. The one is the all and the all are the one

Everyone and everything is part of the all, it’s just that not everyone is aware of that. There are no real borders in reality. Everything is connected. Thus you always, at any point and any time have the ability to merge back into with the all and reconnect with your true self.

4. What you put out is what you get back

Have you noticed? If you feel bad, everything around you becomes bad. Your kids become annoying, your work becomes harder and your food tastes worse. However, luckily the opposite is true as well. If you live a life of abundance and radiate positivity you will always get positivity and abundance back. You reap that which you sow.

5. Everything changes but the first 4 laws.

Every experience that you have is a combination of those laws. Once you understand this you’ll understand exactly how existence works, you’ll understand exactly how reality works and how to create the reality that you prefer. Every experience that you have is a combination of these laws. Master those laws and you will become a master of your reality.

4 thoughts on “The 5 laws of existence

  1. Imagine what life would be like if everyone consciously followed these laws! I sometimes (ok, often) fall short of my awareness of these principles, but I appreciate the wonderful reminder and inspiration you’ve presented for us here 🙂


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