The will to power and understanding

The desire for power over one’s self and its environment is innate in humans, but what is power, why do we desire it, and how do we acquire it?


The desire for power is really an admission that you are powerless. Think about it. If you would be all-powerful, do you really need to prove it? Do you need to prove in front of a toddler how much stronger you are than them? Of course not. Because you know you are.

Now, of course, the question remains. Why do we want everyone to see how powerful we are? It is, quite simply because we don’t believe it ourselves. We look for confirmation in other people. We hope that other people will recognize how powerful we are, so we can trick ourselves into believing that it is actually true.


The phrase “Scientia potentia est” or also known as “knowledge is power” is something that comes to mind when we think of power. And it’s true, knowledge enables us to manipulate reality. But let’s inquire a step deeper, what is knowledge? Knowledge allows us to make predictions. predictions allow us to make better decisions. Decision making is what it boils down to.

Don’t kill the dog

To know we must split reality up. For something to be known there has to be a knower. And thus we have duality. This is how we understand anything. We cut it into different pieces, different holons so to speak. Let’s take for example a dog. If we want to understand what the dog is made out of we could cut open the dog and describe its organs. But of course, by cutting open the dog, we kill the dog. By splitting reality up into pieces, we forget its real meaning. And now we are in a position where we think we understand reality, we think we know what it is all about, but in the process of trying to find out we lost the bigger picture.

We split the world up so we can start doing predictions. If you have 1 and 2 you can start to add them up and all of a sudden you have mathematics. We use those predictions to make better decisions.

What is true power

When we think of power we often think of the ability to control other humans and being superior to them. But power has a lot more depth to it than we initially think about.

Power is a skill. It is a skill that can be trained to master oneself. Because he who has true power, he has true control over himself. She who has true power, she has the ability to help, to connect, to love, and to solve problems. Because what true power is, is to do the things that are necessary without hesitation. Without stepping in one’s own way. He who has power has the ability to actualize his potential.

Real power is not something you have to make happen, real power is simply something you allow to happen that is already built into you. Real power is something revealed, not something created. Real power is letting go, letting happen. Real power is doing what you really want to do, following your passion, and living in accordance with your deepest values. Power is decision making. Power is to decide with full confidence and trust in its result. Real power is trust. Real power is selflessness. Do you have real power?